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    When pests multiply and begin to infest a structure, they become a significant problem. They have the potential to cause damage to your property and are highly unsanitary. You can rest assured that this will not happen if you use our pest control services like ant control, mice control or Rodent Control Santa Maria CA etc. We provide advanced pest management services performed by professional experts for a wide range of commercial and residential establishments.

    When it comes to pest management, we at Avalanche Pest Solutions are focused on eradicating your pest problem and preventing any re-infestation. That is why, as part of our Pest Protection service, we have developed a seasonal treatment plan that will keep your house pest-free at all times of the year. The benefits of this plan include four visits each year by a reputable and skilled exterminator who will address your property before a pest problem starts.

    Avalanche Pest Solutions, based in Santa Maria, California, has offered dependable pest control services to residents of the surrounding area for decades. Our service specialists take great pride in protecting homes and businesses against damage and invasive pests through a comprehensive range of services. Learn more about how and where we serve our consumers or get in touch with our agents if you have any inquiries or would like to arrange an appointment now!

    Inspecting your property and applying a treatment through external applications, such as spraying the foundation and access spots, is what our Professional Santa Maria CA Exterminator will do. Using granular bait to ant trails and insect harborages on your land is also accomplished, as is the installation of tamper-resistant rodent bait stations to eradicate and monitor rodent activity on your property.