Pest, Insect, Animal, And Bird Control Projects Done By Avalanche Pest Solutions Santa Maria CA

Welcome to our gallery! Here, you can explore amazing projects performed by Avalanche Pest Solutions in Santa Maria, CA. For over 30 years, Avalanche Pest Solutions has provided innovative solutions to pest problems in homes and workplaces within Santa Maria, and surrounding areas. Our technical expertise is unmatched. Our Exterminators are highly skilled in handling pests from exclusion and discovery to capture, identification, and elimination, while working with integrity and utmost professionalism.

Roach Control Project On Barrett St, Santa Maria CA

The frequent appearance of roaches in Ms. Lisa’s home on Barrett St. Santa Maria, CA made her uncomfortable. She would see them on her walls, kitchen sink, and bathrooms. We inspected her home to locate all active hiding places and discovered a heavy roach infestation in her crawlspaces. Using effective spray pesticides, Roach Exterminator Santa Maria CA eliminated all the roaches. We also applied the spray pesticides to create a perimeter barrier around Lisa’s home and sealed up all cracks, gaps, and other entry points.

Bee Control Project On W Cypress St, Santa Maria CA

We performed another interesting job in Mr. Douglas’s home on W Cypress St. Santa Maria, CA. Douglas noticed an increasing appearance of bees in his home and he realized that he need Bee Removal Santa Maria CA. Since he’s allergic to bee stings, he called for our help. While inspecting his home, we located a beehive with honeybees in his garage. Since these are beneficial endangered bees, we couldn’t kill them. Rather, we safely moved the entire beehive to their new home in the wild.

Ant Control Project On W Boone St, Santa Maria CA

Despite her DIY treatments, Ms. Brenda frequently saw ant trails on her walls and other areas in her home on Boone St. Santa Maria, CA. Our Ant Control Santa Maria CA Exterminators arrived at her home to carry out a rigorous inspection. We discovered a heavy ant infestation in her attic. Using ant insecticide spray, we applied treatment to the nesting sites in her attic and eradicated all the ants. We also sprayed her windowsills, all cracks and crevices, and other entry points.